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Easily keep track of your adventures in the Lake District

Interactive Maps

Quickly explore the fells using location services on your device, or from the comfort of your own home - or the pub!

You can choose from several map types, 2D or 3D perspective and whether or not the map follows your location and compass bearing.

Fell Details

Each fell has a detail screen showing information and details - elevation, distance & bearing from your location as well as inspiring photos and links to further information.

From this screen you can quickly favourite fells, log trips and


Create Logbook Entries to record your time on the fells. Fells can use GPS or EXIF data from photos to verify your log entries.

Fells uses these entries to show you progress towards the completion of each book as well as overall 214/214 status!


Easily bookmark your favourite fells with one tap so you can find them quickly in the future.


Use filters to find the fell you’re looking for - filter by book, favourites or logbook status.

Dark Mode

Fells looks great in both Light and Dark mode.

Privacy Focussed

Fells doesn't track your usage data or share it with third party services, and keeps all your data safely in your iCloud account.


Show your Logbook photos on your Home Screen.

iPad Support

Fells 3 adds iPad support for a larger screen experience.